Urgent Appeal for Ayni & the Children of Alto de Los Mores – Peru

Buenos Días Friends of Ayni & Altos, I hope everyone’s well and feeling renewed with Spring in the air. I am reaching out to all my friends, family, volunteers and supporters to urgently appeal for donations for Ayni so we can continue to support the children of Alto de Los Mores, Peru.

The GOOD news is that Ayni has reached 22 Years of running its Education, Development & Emergency Relief programs! Ayni has continued to support children’s education at the elementary, secondary and post-secondary levels by covering school fees, school supplies and post-secondary scholarships. Congrats to our latest Post-Secondary Graduates; Anastacio Lorena, Vanesa Silva, Dorita Sosa & Evelin Sandoval who obtained diplomas in Nursing & Business Administration. This is amazing given all the obstacles they faced; they made it! As well, our local library continues to attract children by the dozens, providing books, arts & crafts, games and puzzles.

The BAD news is that the community of Alto de los Mores, has been hammered with several consecutive years of devastating events, from El Nino Flooding in 2017, the ongoing impacts of the Pandemic, to the political instability and attack on Indigenous peoples, to the recent torrential downpours which have flooded the entire region leading to a full outbreak of Dengue Fever! Sadly the community lost 2 young people last week to Dengue.

It has been devastation layered on top of devastation. More than ever, Ayni needs funds to continue to be able to support the children’s education so that they are not pulled out of school prematurely due to severe economic hardships. Recent flooding and the outbreak of Dengue, have led to further financial stress with roads and houses collapsing, inability to travel to work, destruction of crops & medical costs.

Ayni is stretched to its last bit of resources and I am appealing for help so we can continue to keep more kids in school longer and provide emergency assistance during these exceptionally difficult times. (The library roof was partially blown off due to cyclonic winds and requires repair.) Every penny counts and no donation is too small! We greatly appreciate your kindness and generosity now and in the past. 

With love and gratitude, thank you very much on behalf of Ayni, Alto de los Mores, Margie Orsi

(Dengue Fever Outbreak)

(Flood Damage)

(Ayni Food Distribution 180 Families – Covid)

(School Supply Distribution 350+ Students 2022)

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