The typical volunteer

This man, who is crippled with arthritis, bought pigs with the loan he received from AYNI- pictured here with volunteers Chris and Chad.

The Typical Volunteer…

  • Must speak “functional” Spanish
  • Must be able to commit three to four months minimum
  • Wants to do humanitarian work and they want to make a difference
  • Shares their talents, time, and love with others
  • Wants to work and stand in solidarity with the poor and be part of a community
  • Loves teaching wants to work with children (f you do not, read no further, this job is NOT for you.)
  • Understands or is interested in Development
  • Doesn’t want to pay large fees for this kind of experience
  • Wants a shorter time commitment (3 months minimum)
  • Contributes, but they don’t want to evangelize anyone
  • Enjoys how every penny donated goes to community projects unlike large organizations
  •  Enjoys the flexibility and freedom to create within an established framework
  • Believes in what we do



“It’s more about who you are and what you want to achieve than what experience/background you have.” –Margie Orsi



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