What AYNI does…

AYNI was founded on the idea of reciprocity, and having a sense of responsibility for each other. The concept or philosophy is based on the idea that everyone needs help at some point in their lives. Some days you will help, and other days you are the one who will be helped. Society in fact, as Margie always tells her students “cannot progress unless we are helping each other”.

AYNI focuses its initiatives in two major areas, Sustainable Development and Education. The organization works together with the community of Alto de los More to alleviate or address some of the major barriers of living in extreme poverty.  Our role is multifaceted and continues unfold and grow within the community.

gracias SBA

“I didn’t fly in with answers, solutions, or ideas, but I did fly in with love and time to give. Through the process of building relationships, I have developed strong ties to the community.   Though I have been able to help in many ways, they have most certainly helped me.  My life has become very enriched… I carry with me a great sense of satisfaction, a satisfaction that only one can feel when they serve others.” -Margie Orsi

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