If you wish to make a donation to AYNI, you can do so in the following ways:

Option #1: Donations through PayPal

AYNI survives on donations from people like you. Every little bit makes a difference. Just click the link to donate or alternatively to see just how far your donation can go!

You can make a donation of any amount safely & conveniently though PayPal.

Click here to donate with PayPal

Option #2: Wire/Direct Debit to the following account

Bank Name: TD Canada Trust
Account Name: AYNI
Account Number: (0211) 5206268
Institution Number: 004
Branch: 19972
Swift Code: tdomcatttor
Address: 3 Wootten Way, North, Markham, Ontario, Canada L3P 2Y2
Phone: (905) 294 – 5913(905) 294 – 5913
Fax: (905) 294 – 5754
Designation: 0211

Option #3: Send check payable to….


C/O Margie Orsi

Box 477, Stouffville, Ontario, Canada, L4A 7Z7

Option  #4: Tax receipts (for donations over $150)

If you require a tax receipt (for donations over $150), please make cheques or money orders payable to Rights Action (a human rights organization), but be sure to write on the cheque and / or attach a note indicating that the donation is for Ayni-Peru to ensure that your donation is redirected to us.

Rights Action
C/O Margie Orsi

Box 477, Stouffville, Ontario, Canada, L4A 7Z7



RealWorld Holidays are proud to send a donation to the AYNI Project, to further help the grassroots of Piura. We look forward to seeing how the donation impacts the lives effected by the donation.

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