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AYNI Office

Elementary School – Alto de los Mores
Piura, Peru

Founder of AYNI

Margie Orsi

Volunteer Recruitment Officer

 Ali Maclean

Media Manager

Michael Sangiuliano

AYNI works with:

Rights Action

Personal Philanthropy

Links with our Partner Organizations is a non-profit Social Enterprise that helps individuals and organizations integrate Philanthropy into their lives and their businesses. Through their philanthropic projects, consulting and educational programs, Personal Philanthropy provides all the tools you need to practice the joy of investing in the lives of others. Personal Philanthropy has been a strong supporter of AYNI.

To see a video of their work with AYNI click here. is a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting poverty. Right Action encompasses many practices in the fight to end poverty from protecting & promoting rights to addressing subjects such as racism, sexism and global and historical perspectives.Rights Action is an avid supporter of AYNI since they began working with us in 2005.


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