Scholarships & School Supplies

In 2001, four out of thirty-five kids in the community of Alto de Los Mores went onto high school. The rest stopped their education in the sixth grade. Now over 90% of students, instead of the previous 5%, continue their education at the secondary level.

AYNI tries to lessen the burden of costs associated with schooling by purchasing and distributing school supplies to students at the elementary, secondary and post-secondary level. Through fundraising, we pay for the school fees for those who want to continue their education.


For those that do overcome the inherent obstacles of poverty and make it to the end of high school, AYNI continues to offer more support to continue education by offering scholarships to post-secondary institutions.  Each year we see more and more kids graduate and go on to study nursing, computers, accounting, mechanics, electronics and pharmacy.  It is very exciting to see the first students in this town become professionals, and they will have greatest opportunity to escape the cycle of poverty.

class group

“When parents are struggling to put food on the table, buying uniforms, books, school supplies, tuition fees, and transportation, can be a huge deterrent for parents to keep their children in school instead of helping the family. Just eliminating this stress has proven to prolong student’s education expectancy.” – Margie Orsi

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