Community Library

Our library centre has become such a smash hit in the community, that we have since built another expansion in 2013!  It is still a modest room compared to North American standards, but it is the hub of activity in the village!

Sadly, most children do not have access to books, as there are virtually no public libraries, nor are there books at the school for the children to read, other than the odd textbook.



In March 2010, AYNI decided to build a community library outside the school, in the village, so that all the children in the area can enjoy and develop a love of reading.  The library is open after school for a couple hours daily, and is run by Ines, our local field director and our volunteers.  Some mothers in the village come out to help as well, as it is equally interesting to them.


Children can drop in to the library learning centre to read books, colour, play games, do puzzles, and listen to stories.  The centre is meant to offer further educational opportunities for development and stimulation.  Volunteers play a secondary role of supplementing the library with after school literacy classes for those children who are struggling, as well as small group storytelling, games, music, arts and crafts.

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